Lens Type


CR Multicoated Lens: 

For everyday use, dual coated lens with UV 380 antiglare properties.

Antiglare Lens: 
Anti glare lens reduces the reflection of other surfaces. It provides UV 400 protection. The lens remains clear - does not reflect.

Anti Blue Ray Lens: 
Blue cut lens also called screen lens protects your eyes from the rays of your computer and mobile phones. People who have a lot of screen exposure usually opt for this lens to reduce eye fatigue. Green sheen indicates protective coating over lens. 

High Index Lens:
High index lens is for individuals who have a high eyesight number for e.g -8. It compresses the thickness of the lens.

Photo Grey Lens: 
Photogrey also called photochromic lens remains clear indoors and turns black outdoors in sunlight.

Digital Light Lens: 
Filters and reflects the blue rays emitting from your phone screens. Features include Blue Coating, Glare Reduction, UV 420 Protection, Blue Ray Protection, Dust Resistance, Smudge Resistance & Fog Resistance. It helps combat with dry eyes, visual fatigue, blur vision and sleep cycle disruption! Available in eyesight number and 0 power, both.

Photogrey Anti-fog Lens: 
Three in one! Blue light protected, photogrey lenses with anti-fog properties.
Fog clears on its own within 3 seconds. Lenses remain transparent indoors and and turn black in sunlight. Blue cut feature block the rays of laptop & phone screens.

Anti-Fog Lens: 
Fog clears on its own within 3 seconds! Anti-blue ray + anti fog lenses. Available in 0 power and eyesight number, both.


Bifocal Multicoated:

Dual vision lenses (near and far, both). Choose this option if you want both distance and near vision in one frame. The lens is multicoated, UV protected, glare proof and excellent in quality. This option is only for individuals who have both both D and N eyesight values. 

Progressive Multicoated: 
The lens features distance, mid-distance and near values. UV protected, glare proof and blue ray protected lenses. This option is only for individuals who have both D and N eyesight values. 

Prescription Shades:
For UV 400 protected eyesight shades! Please select this option if you require shades in eyesight number. Don’t forget to attach your eyesight card.